Drop Anti-Union Frame-Up Charges NOW!

Next court date: February 2, 2015

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Stop Veolia/City Escalating War on USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union

Drop Outrageous Union Busting Frame-up Charges filed by Boston Police Department (BPD) against Steve Kirschbaum, Chair of the Grievance Committee and a founder of the Local.

ALL OUT February 2, 2015, Dorchester District Court  510 Washington St Dorchester


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Peoples’ Attorney’s Barry P. Wilson and John Pavlos brilliantly expose the Veolia/Transdev corporation`s fraudulent abuse of the court system in the international, austerity-services corporation’s attempt to further it’s union-busting program. All Out for the Trial, November 24th in Dorchester District Court! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86NB4JDWXBc&feature=youtu.be&list=PLYANTEJ0R9JQRteSFmoRsGIQfY6aLKRzG

Court Proceedings, October 6, 2014, Boston School Bus Union Leader Steve Kirschbaum

October 6, 2014, Rally outside Dorchester District Court


Drop the anti-union charges against Steve Kirschbaum NOW!
Stop Veolia oppression from Boston to Palestine! Rehire the fired leaders! No Concessions! Contract Justice NOW!
Say NO to Boston School Department’s racist austerity cuts. Don’t throw middle school students off the bus!



SIGN ON to the Community/Labor Statement!