9/8 Hearing Postponed – Join National Call-in: Hands Off Peoples Lawyer Barry Wilson!

Board of Bar Overseers postpones Barry Wilson’s Sept 8, 2014 hearing.
JOIN NATIONAL CALL-IN to demand charges against Barry Wilson be dropped!
Let’s keep the pressure on until Justice is won! National Call-in – Let’s flood the Board with Letters and phone calls to Michael Fredrickson, General Counsel Board of Bar Overseers. phone 617-728-8700 and fax 617-482-8000. Demand that the Board Drop the Charges against Barry Wilson NOW! Fax letters and make phone calls in support of Barry! Send copies to Barry P. Wilson at 240 Commercial Street, Suite 5A Boston, Massachusetts, 02109 p:617.248-8979 | fax: 617.523.8700.


The leaflet below provides the background and will be updated with the new hearing date when set. The September 8 hearing date has been postponed.


Hands Off Barry Wilson!

Team Solidarity Barry Wilson Placard

Team Solidarity Barry Wilson Placard





DEMONSTRATE September 8, 2014 @ 5:00PM ON (POSTPONED!)

Board of Bar Overseers

99 High Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02110

On (future date to be announced), the Board of Bar Overseers will be hearing charges against peoples lawyer Barry P Wilson alleging that he “acted in a disruptive manner” in three separate court proceedings.  The Board could suspend his license.

We must not allow this to happen! 

For over 40 years Barry has set the standard for passionate, determined, “no holds barred” advocacy in defense of his clients.  Barry’s formidable skill set, scholarly command of the law, boundless creativity and singular courtroom presence has earned him the love and admiration of his clients and colleague.

It has also earned him the hatred of the forces of oppression, racism, sexism, discrimination and injustice both in and out of government and the courtroom.

When you challenge the “criminal injustice system”, when you fight to assure your clients a genuine “jury of their peers” free from racism, prejudice and pro-law enforcement bias, and aggressively fight for every defense motion to be granted, you become a target of the “powers that be” and open yourself up to retaliation.

Throughout his legal career he has refused to surrender his principles even when faced with dire consequences. Barry has spent two terms in prison, one for “contempt” for challenging a racist and pro law enforcement jury selection and the other for refusing to be bullied into abandoning the principle of “attorney/client privilege”.

Since the beginning of his practice he has provided staunch legal defense for the people’s movement living the legacy of his mentor and dear friend William Kunstler.

His client list has included Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, the “Plymouth 25 (National Day of Mourning), Amer Jubran (Palestinian activist), Marcus Jean (Haitian unionist), and countless movement protestors victimized by the police.

He was the first lawyer for the militant Boston School Bus Union at the time of its formation in the 1970’s and provided exemplary legal solidarity with USW 8751 militants throughout the years including his current defense of USW 8751 founder and Grievance Chair, Steve Kirschbaum against anti-union frame up felony charges.

For 40 years Barry has stood with us, it’s time for us to stand with him!