Local 8751 Solidarity Campaign: $5,165 — Keep Going!


Young School Bus Union 5 Supporter

So far the fundraising campaign for the Boston school bus drivers has raised $5,165.
Your efforts and the efforts of people all over the country have gotten the campaign to this point. We now need to intensify our efforts to reach our goal of $10,000 by January 1.
Veolia was hoping that firing union leaders would housebreak the militant Boston school bus drivers.
But January will see the fightback against Veolia shift into high gear, with two major Boston events: a follow-up city council hearing investigating Veolia’s breach of contract, and “Solidarity Day 2,” another major demonstration in support of Local 8751.
The fundraising campaign is what will allow the fired leaders of the campaign to keep fighting.
Boston is the latest hotspot of a union in battle with the vicious union-busting tactics of Veolia Transportation. In Phoenix, Veolia provoked a strike with public transportation unions and bilked the city for tens of millions of dollars. In Florida, Veolia flew scabs in from all over the country and hired round-the-clock armed security when the bus drivers there went on strike.  
Veolia is a despicable corporation, but it is not operating on its own. It was brought into Boston by forces who have wanted to decapitate the leadership of Local 8751 for decades. After theOctober 8 lockout, Boston’s outgoing Mayor Menino held multiple press conferences calling for the drivers to be fired.
At stake is the preservation of a progressive, militant union that has played an exemplary role in the people’s movement for decades.
Also at stake is the preservation of pensions, benefits and rights that public employees have won over decades of struggle and are in danger as the capitalist crisis forces banks to slash public budgets in order to protect their debt service payments.
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Veolia has been defeated before. In Florida, St. Louis, Indianapolis and other cities, Veolia has been kicked out. Keep up the pressure — the next peoples’ victory against Veolia will be in Boston!