Sign Petition to Stop Veolia Union Busting vs USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union – Reinstate Fired Union Leaders

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Tell Veolia Corporation, the Boston School Department, the Mayor and Pres. Obama to stop Veolia’s illegal, union busting attack on USW 8751-Boston School Bus Drivers! Reinstate the fired union leaders!

CLICK HERE to send a message to Veolia’s General Manager, the Boston Superintendent of Schools, Mayor Menino, Mayor-elect Walsh, the Boston City Council, the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation, Governor Patrick, Labor Secretary Perez, President Obama and the media to stop Veolia’s union busting and reinstate the fired union leaders! (scroll down below to see the text).

Hands Off School Bus Union 5

Text of Petition:

To: Alexander Roman III, General Manager, Veolia Transportation; Boston Interim Superintendent of Schools John McDonough; Boston Mayor Thomas M Menino

cc: Boston City Council, Boston Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh; Mass Gov. Deval Patrick, Labor Secretary Perez, President Obama, Mass Congressional Delegation, members of the media 


Since day one of taking over the Boston school bus management contract on July 1, 2013, Veolia has committed numerous Unfair Labor Practices, violated nearly every term and condition of the drivers’ employment contract, and engaged in actions that have denied drivers legal pay for time worked. They have cut and overcrowded routes, putting student safety and ontime delivery in jeopardy, in pursuit of profits.

On October 8, when drivers engaged in a legally protected protest of Veolia’s unfair labor practices, Veolia locked its gates and conducted an illegal lockout of the drivers. They then targeted 5 of the union’s officers and leaders, Grievance Chair Steve Kirschbaum, Vice Pres. Steve Gillis, Recording Secretary Andre Francois, and stewards Garry Murchison and Rick Lynch for termination proceedings, ultimately firing Kirschbaum, Gillis, Francois and Murchison.

This is a blatant, racist attempt to destroy a union that has won strong wages, benefits and  rights for its members and exemplified solidarity with all workers. It has stood with Boston’s communities of color against Boston’s plans to return to racist,segregated neighborhood schools. This union, which is comprised of hundreds of mostly Black and Brown immigrants and is closely linked with the community, has fought racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, every war since the 1970′s and practiced solidarity with all workers struggles inside and outside of union organizations.

STOP THE ATTACK ON USW 8751! Reinstate the 4 fired Union leaders!


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