No Amnesty, No Contact, No Peace

by on December 24, 2014


black lives matters   12-30-14

***Call for Labor Solidarity

Join the “Peoples State of the City SpeakOut”: Tues, Jan 13, 2014: 5-8pm. Symphony Hall. See pdf flier. Facebook Event.
 -Black Lives Matter: Defend school desegregation in Boston! Statement from Team Solidarity. See pdf flier.


SIGN THE PETITION: Fire BPS Transportation Director John Steketee – DUMP Veolia.  Pass it on.
Stop corporate conflict of interest in our schools. Act Now!
Contract Update:

At a packed December 11, 2014 membership meeting, Boston School Bus Drivers Union: USW Local 8751 voted unanimously to ask the United Steelworkers International to authorize a ULP (unfair labor practice) protected STRIKE against Veolia! … to print STRIKE signs, and put the company and city on notice that: NO Amnesty, NO Contract, NO Peace! …”We decided to settle all family business with this vile corporation, after exhausting all other remedies. We have built strong alliances and solidarity with forces across the city, and indeed, the country. “Justice for the many, justice for the free, let Veolia be paid in FULL, that’s just enough for me!” (from Team Solidarity FB.)  Please continue to circulate & sign the PETITION to drop the outrages Union-busting charges against Steve Kirschbaum.



Read the crucial Team Solidarity Bulletin, which includes a brief review of Veolia unfair labor practices, an update on negotiations, and reports of several unanimous votes, including donating for disaster relief following the volcanic destruction of the island of Fogo, Cabo Verde (homeland of many members) & support for “Black Lives Matter – Boston” in  Solidarity with their continuing work leading the growing mass movement for Justice and police accountability. “USW 8751 is proudly continuing our legacy of standing rock-solid against racism as we have done since our formation in the 1970s! We call on all unions to demonstrate  “Solidarity   in  Action”  with  the  historic  “Black  Lives  Matter”  movement! “

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