Take Action at crucial juncture to reinstate unjustly fired Boston School Bus Union Leaders

by on May 15, 2015

The long battle of the militant, mostly immigrant rank and file of USW 8751, the Boston School Bus Union, to STOP Veolia Corp’s union busting, reinstate the four union leaders unjustly fired 19 months ago and win a just contract for the drivers and safety for the school children of Boston has reached a crucial juncture, requiring an extra push of solidarity and support from all of us.

The union’s momentum is at an all time high following Team Solidarity’s  clean sweep of the Executive Board elections, with the four fired leaders elected to the president, vice president, financial secretary and grievance committee positions, and all other elected positions going to Team Solidarity members, in the local’s highest ever voter turnout.  

The election victory followed the stunning victory in court in March, in which it only took the working-class jury ten-minutes to find Vice President-elect Stevan Kirschbaum not guilty of all of the bogus trumped up felony charges Veolia and the Boston Police had attempted to throw at him. Together these victories have resulted in a decisive, qualitative shift in support from the international, and increased pressure on Boston Mayor Walsh to rehire the four wrongfully fired leaders..

Our task is to keep that pressure on. The current period is critical because we know that Walsh is feeling the heat and there is momentum from the election victory. He is feeling the heat from our phone calls as well as calls from hundreds of school bus drivers demanding that he re-hire the four — as well as pressure from the international union, plus communications with leaders in Boston’s African American community.

At the same time, the mayor is under pressure from “the Vault,” the Boston 1%, to keep the reds out of the union, and to keep the union from its militant work in the struggle against racism citywide — whether it’s the struggle against police terror or fighting resegregation.

What we do in this period could be decisive. So, we are asking supporters to do the 4 steps below and call five people they know and ask them to also take these steps:

1) Call Mayor Walsh’s office and demand that he order Veolia to re-hire the four. Continue to call the mayor’s hotline number at 617-635-4500. ALSO call the Mayor’s “policy office” — it’s 617-635-1414. And KEEP CALLING!

2) Call and then post the fact that you made the call on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1555213168050750/

3) The four have been out of work for nineteen months. They are hurting. Please go to our new fundraising page and make a donation.


4) Call 5 other people and ask them to take these same four actions!

Thank you for your solidarity and support!!

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