Struggle History/Sumup

Here’s some initial resources in recording & summing up & analyzing the details, events, significance, relevance & politics of the historic two year struggle with Veolia/Transdev & the Boston establishment.

-1) Workers World: “Historic victory for Boston school bus drivers union as fired leaders reinstated, contract gains made”

Do a search to find many other articles; see below for more.

-2) WWP Talks: There have been many, but see esp:
…a) Larry Holmes on significance of struggle. 2014 National Conference.

…b) Richard Kossally Update at NYC WW meeting, Feb 5, 2016:

Also do a search: bus

See below for more.

-3) Web:
Scroll through many the pages & just read the Headlines to get a feel for the two-year struggle. Also see Youtubes on right side, especially of the many Solidarity Days.

-4) FB:
Again, scrolling through will give a sense of the struggle.

-5) OTHERS: Here’s some additional ones, for those who want more background.

…Workers World: article by Martha Grevatt, Feb 26, 2015: Boston Union Under Seige

…YouTube: Joyce Chediac report at NYC WW meeting June 13, 2014: Boston School Bus Drivers – Solidarity Day III

…Youtube: Tony Murphy report at NYC WW meeting March 6, 2015: Boston Update: Not Guilty Verdict & Next Steps.

…WW: Tony Murphy: Dec 4, 2013: Veolia guilty of union-busting! Contribute to campaign to reinstate the fired Boston school bus drivers