by on February 10, 2016

After over two years of hard-fought battle our militant fighting rank and file, USW 8751, Boston School Bus Union, with solidarity from the Community & forces in the labor and political movements, have won a stunning historic VICTORY. See more about the struggle.

December 22,2015: Last night the membership, 400 + standing room, unanimously and jubilantly ratified the tentative agreements negotiated by the Team Solidarity leadership and International representative, Joe Carlson, which includes a new 4 year contract (fully retroactive) with improved wages and benefits and protects 40 years of collective bargaining progress and union rights, the immediate reinstatement of illegally fired President Andre Francois, Vice President Stevan Kirschbaum, Financial Secretary Steven Gillis and Grievance Chair Garry Murchison! Also Agreements to resolve the backlog of nearly 700 grievances as well as an Agreement to protect the integrity of the pension and a Job/Union Security Agreement from the City to 2019 guaranteeing full union and contract rights regardless of who manages school bus transportation (another Vendor or the City itself). USW 8751 and our fighting rank and file have defeated Veolia/Transdev/City union busting and have emerged stronger than ever!

Thanks to all who extended true “Solidarity in Action” to us during this historic fight. You have lived the time tested union motto that “An Injury to One is an Injury to All” and proved that a victory for one is a victory for all!


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